College Democrats of New York name NY22 a priority race for 2018

Following the campaign announcement from Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi of Utica, the College Democrats of New York has named the 22nd Congressional District a ‘priority race’ for 2018, the first of the election cycle to receive this designation. Over the course of the campaign, CDNY will work more closely with College Democrats chapters in these […]

COLUMN: What the Faso-Collins Amendment Really Means for New York Taxpayers

by Evan Lukaske

For months, New York Republicans have used the Faso-Collins Amendment to justify their support for the cruel and destructive Republican repeal bill. With the amendment’s inclusion in the Senate repeal bill, the chest beating has only increased.

Unfortunately, facts and data directly refute their claims that the amendment would offer tax relief […]

GUEST COLUMN: Fighting for a free and open Internet

Eric T. Schneiderman

Buffering. Buffering. Buffering.

We’ve all had the frustrating experience of opening Netflix or Hulu and seeing the dreaded “Loading…” screen. That’s a warning sign of what life would be like if the federal government does away with vital net neutrality protections–allowing the broadband industry to put profits […]

GUEST COLUMN: Madison County Landfill a model in management and innovation

By James Goldstein, Chair, Madison County Solid Waste Committee

One individual in Lincoln has been circulating misinformation about Madison County’s landfill operations. This deliberate obfuscation of the facts is causing confusion for our community. I’d like to shed some light and truth on this topic.

We are extremely proud of our landfill practices. For more […]

COLUMN: A Confederate Yankee

Civil War Women

This year’s Civil War Weekend in Peterboro went well. As we have for the past several years, we offered a different perspective. This year, it was women’s contributions to that historic time.

It has been common for people to look at such things from the narrow perspective of battles and generals and […]

COLUMN: Musings of a Simple Country Man

Hobie Morris

I’m a Fool for Bells

There are two kinds of fools: one says, ‘this is old, therefore it is good’; the other says, ‘this is new, therefore it is better’.” Clergyman William Inge Eric Sloan has written that “the sounds of America were once good to hear.”

The “melodies of bells are […]

COLUMN: From Here and Back Again

Jim Coufal

Vetting potential candidates: Suggestions

There is much talk of finding the right candidate to run for office. In the 22nd Congressional District there is movement to find a candidate able to make Claudia Tenney a one term representative. Since this written from that view, how the suggestions below fit other political races […]

COLUMN: The Musings of A Simple Country Man

Hobie Morris

Memorial Day: A Historical Postscript

For a moment let’s turn back the hands of time. We’ll honor all of the Town of Brookfield’s Civil War veterans. Pastor Mark has invited each of them to our Sunday morning service at the historic Baptist Church.

We anxiously anticipate their arrival. We sit in our […]

COLUMN: From Here and Back Again

Jim Coufal

Constituents & Representatives Long ago someone lost to memory told me, “define your terms, then we’ll argue.” Since this is about how poorly Claudia Tenney represents her constituents of the 22nd Congressional District, I’ll do that. Merriam Webster defines a constituent as “one who authorizes another to act as agent”, said […]

COLUMN: The Musings of a Simple Country Man

Hobie Morris


Deep, sucking mud turns into swirling dust. Warm breezes and gentle rains green the fields. Yellow daffodils and budding pink apple blossoms announce a new season. Birds serenade. Barefoot kids yell “Play ball.” Fishing poles are found again. A new hook attached to the often broken line. The school year is […]

COLUMN: Events of Historical Note

Matthew Urtz

On Saturday May 6th at 1:00 pm the Oneida County History Center will host a special presentation by Emily Zaengle entitled “Silos Nearby.” Zaengle, Executive Director of the Stone Hill Quarry Art Park, will present her research documenting 160 silos along Route 8 from Utica to Brookfield. She will discuss the cultural […]

COLUMN: From Here and Back Again

Jim Coufal

Arbor Day 2017: A Cautionary Tale

A small group gathered on Saturday, April 22, at Lakeland Park. It was a cold and windy day. They were there for an Arbor Day Tree Planting Ceremony, sponsored by Cazenovia Village’s Tree Commission. There was a proclamation and the names of donors of trees read, […]