COLUMN: The Human Condition

Martha E. Conway

Let it snow, let it snow, drive in a ditch

Editor’s note: Another piece from the Way-Back Machine; the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

By Martha E. Conway

A couple of Saturdays ago my friend “Jane” came to visit from out of town. Since she’s been gone from […]

COLUMN: The Human Condition

Martha E. Conway

I stirred it and stirred it…

In seventh grade home ec class, our diligent teacher told us over and over again to always read an entire recipe from start to finish before even gathering the ingredients. She was handing out the grades, so I complied.

Six years […]

COLUMN: A Confederate Yankee

by Bill Mayers

It was a November to remember. An election stolen by a horribly outdated institution called “Electoral College.” An attractive California mother abducted and viciously abused. Peaceful protesters attacked by forces with no legal grounds to do so for exercising their First Amendment rights at Standing Rock. A stunning increase in overt acts […]

COLUMN: Time for Congress to correct inequities forced on dairy farmers

By Arden Tewksbury

Recently some members of the Progressive Agriculture Organization (Pro-Ag) and some members of the National Family Farm Coalition have been considering petitioning the USDA to have a national hearing to deal with the financial mess that the average dairy farmer is experiencing.

Two of the most important items to be discussed at […]

Cazenovia Curmudgeon: It Can’t Happen Here?

Editor’s note: In honor of what would have been Donald W. Krueger’s 88th birthday today, we reprint one of his pieces today.

By Donald Krueger

Having trouble remembering? Could it be that evolution in a few generations will have us with built-in, pre-programmed personal digital assistant-type things?

In the meantime, we’re stuck with our old-fashioned […]

COLUMN: Hobie Morris, The Musings of a Simple Country Man

Hobie Morris

What Happened in Brookfield When the Hindenburg Hit the Titanic?

by Hobie Morris

“Every joke is a tiny revolution. Whatever destroys dignity and brings down the mighty from their seats, preferably with a bump, is funny.” – George Orwell

In frenzied response to the most recent presidential debacle, my beautiful […]

COLUMN: Are Dairy Farmers Being Conditioned to Accept Low Milk Prices?

By Arden Tewksbury

I was astonished when I was informed that some national agriculture magazines and other Ag news outlets are basically saying, “Take your present milk prices and shut up!”

They are saying that $24 milk was once in a lifetime and don’t think it will happen again. They are also saying the so-called […]

COLUMN: A Confederate Yankee

In the Lord of the Rings movie, there is a scene in which the king gazes around him at the looming conflict and asks “How did it come to this?”

I’m no king, but I share his lament; indeed, how did it come to this? You know what I’m talking about. I’ve been watching political […]

COLUMN: From here and back again – Stupid

Jim Coufal

by Jim Coufal Some years ago I wrote about the overuse of the word “stupid,” and how it can be a discussion stopper. But sometimes a sharp word can be a discussion starter. Stupid is defined as “not intelligent,” and commonly taken as such. I’m not saying any individual American is […]

Honestly: Does the Evidence Exist?

Martha E. Conway

The Human Condition

By Martha E. Conway

(Reposted from March 2011) Every time someone asks, “Did you see [Fill-in-the-Blank Topic Posted on The Forum That Shall Not Be Named]?” I want to puke coat hangers. No, I haven’t been on there, on ANY of them, and neither should you have been.


Musings of a Simple Country Man: Bloooers

Hobie Morris

By Hobie Morris

“Cartoonist Found Dead—Details Sketchy” Newspaper Headline

Sermon This Morning—“Jesus Walks On Water”

Sermon This Evening—“Searching For Jesus” Church Bulletin

Humor. Henry Ward Beecher said it best: “A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs in which one is jolted by every pebble over which […]

Column: Buffalo Billions Schmillions

My husband is a union carpenter. He has been a proud member of Syracuse Local #277 for more than 30 years. As a union member, he has a wage/benefit package. So, in addition to his weekly pay, for every hour he works, his employer sends another check to his union for health care, pension and […]