LETTER: Letter to Madison County residents

To the Editor:

I am writing you this letter to bring your attention to the important race this November for the Office of Madison County Sheriff. The Sheriff’s Office is the highest law enforcement position within the county, providing police, correctional and civil process services to your community.

In Madison County, the sheriff has 155 […]

LETTER: Open letter to Lebanon residents and concerned county residents

To the Editor: I welcome your comments but, to date, nearly 75 percent of the comments from actual Madison County residents, not the paid industry lobbyists, favor a ban on plastic bags. There is no evidence that charging a fee reduces use and, in fact, calling this a tax is a joke because even in […]

LETTER: Supports John Ball for sheriff

To the Editor:

I first met John Ball when I served as Public Safety Commissioner for the City of Oneida in 2014 and 2015. John was appointed as Madison County undersheriff by Sheriff Allen Riley in 2010. I had worked with Allen Riley for 27 years with the New York State Police and knew Allen […]

LETTER: Supports Shwartz, Darby and Dinski for supervisor, council

To the Editor: I am writing in support of re-electing Eve Ann Shwartz as Hamilton supervisor, re-electing Peter Darby as councilman, and electing Mary Lee Dinski to a first term to the council. Eve Ann and Peter have been instrumental in creating a solvent SOMAC and reorganizing it with 24/7 paramedic coverage. They have increased […]

LETTER: Supports Peter Darby for council

To the Editor:

I feel well-served by having Peter Darby on the Hamilton Town Board, and I’m going to vote to keep him there.

Attending many of the Town Board’s meetings over the past three years I observed firsthand how Peter works effectively with other members of the Board to resolve complex issues such as […]

LETTER: Supports Keville for county clerk

To the Editor:

Mayor Mike Keville demonstrates the public trust needed to be our next Madison County Clerk. His goal is to make a good organization even better. He has a sound customer-service background and a strong work ethic with high integrity and commitment to our county, which is essential for this position. Our County […]

LETTER: Open letter to Hamilton voters

Peter Darby is pictured center (file photo).

To the Editor:

During the last eight years, the town has faced many challenges: a difficult transition from manual to digital bookkeeping, a need to regulate the taxation to support the maintenance of a reliable highway vehicle fleet, need to reinvigorate the ambulance service and the Partnership […]

LETTER: Supports Keville for clerk

To the Editor:

Election day is quickly approaching Nov. 7. We are lucky in Madison County to have so many talented and committed candidates running for office. I have not had the pleasure to know and work with all of the candidates. But, I do know Mike Keville. He is running for county clerk. He […]

LETTER: Supports Keville for clerk

To the Editor:

It is an honor and a pleasure to write this letter for Michael Keville in his pursuit of the Madison County Clerk position.

I am serving in my second year as the high school principal at Chittenango; however, this is my fifth year in the building. In that time, Mr. Keville has […]

LETTER: Supports Hood for sheriff

To the Editor: If you know Todd Hood, you know what kind of family man, community member and public servant he is. Todd’s law enforcement speaks for itself. Upon Todd’s retirement after serving over 24 years with the Syracuse Police Department, he became an Investigator with the Onondaga County District Attorney’s Office. Today, he still […]

LETTER: Concerned about all caps letter

To the Editor:

Author John Irving gave an interview to the Denver Post in which he explained that in the novel, “A Prayer for Owen Meany” he used “all caps” for the voice of young Owen, because Owen has “…a damaged-sounding voice; it has to strain. It’s always a little harsh-sounding—never soft. It’s irritating to […]

Supports Hood for sheriff

To the Editor: I write to offer my support for Todd Hood. I’ve known Todd for many years and believe he would serve Madison County well as sheriff. During my time as a federal prosecutor, I had the opportunity to work alongside Todd on the Syracuse Gang Violence Task Force for nearly 10 years. […]