Community Services Board Votes Against Outsourcing ADAPT

Submitted by Russell Stewart

(Wampsville, NY – Oct. 2012) The Community Services Board, appointed by the Madison County Board of Supervisors to advise them on matters related to drug and alcohol counseling services in Madison County, voted to retain ADAPT as the service provider for drug and alcohol counseling, rather than bring in a private organization to replace them.

In doing so, the CSB provided leadership to make sure there will always be a clinic to provide these services to the citizens of Madison County.

During the CSB Executive Board meeting, a question was posed to the administrator of the ADAPT program, asking if it were true it would cost the county more to bring in a private agency than it would to keep ADAPT. She responded that the private agency was budgeted for $70,000 in the 2013 budget whereas ADAPT was only budgeted for $5,000.

The $70,000 does not include other costs such as office space, equipment, security and other essentials to run a business. But, according to the proposal submitted by the private company from Cortland, it will only enable them to carry about 85 percent of the caseload that ADAPT does.

More money, less services.

The Board will vote Oct. 9, whether to follow the advice of their advisory committee or not. It is our hope that the Board will take into account the additional costs to the county, the need for a stable, committed program such as ADAPT has provided for over four decades, and the success rate of the ADAPT program.

We would also hope that they listen to their advisory board on such an important matter during such a critical time in Madison County.

We are very concerned that outsourcing the ADAPT program will echo the negative results in the other recent outsourcing of the Madison County CHHA. We have received complaints that the new provider has not been able to retain staff, resulting in the number of home health aides providing direct care dropping from 14 to two. We cannot afford to let that happen with drug and alcohol counseling services, particularly at this time in Madison County.

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