Response to Rep. Hanna vote to deport illegal immigrants

To the Editor:letterstotheeditor

(June 8, 2013) I’m confused by one thing in the current immigration debate that is where the Representative of the NY-22 stands.

Jan. 30, 2013, Rep. Hanna stated he was in favor of the immigration reform proposed by Sen. Schumer (D-NY), that most Republicans (and some Democrats) oppose.

On April 24th, Rep. Hanna wrote an article in favor of immigration reform, and visas for foreigners.

On May 10th, Rep. Hanna lamented the competition immigration reform would bring to job markets.

Finally on June 6th, he has voted in favor of deporting illegal immigrants against President Obama’s Executive Order.

Is there anyone who actually knows what his real position is on illegal immigrants and immigration reform?


Michael Vasquez

Binghamton, NY


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