Fall History Day in Eaton planned for Oct. 15

The Old Town of Eaton Museum will be hosting “Fall History Weekend” on Sunday, October 15 th from 1 until 3:30 Pm. The day will mark the close of the museum for the winter and will feature sales on gifts, books, and tee shirts.

On hand for the day will be Back Street Mary Messere, the curator of the museum, writer, and former Madison County Historian. Messere will be signing copies of her many books and will have the firsts of a new book she is working on called “Tales Around the Woodstove Revisited.”

The book will contain stories and “Tall” Tales remembered by the old- timers as well as the stories of Harry Hart, Eli Perkins and other writers from the Eaton area. Messere says that Eli Perkins, who was actually Melville Landon from Eaton, put a book out in the 1870’s with stories of Eaton (his hometown) but humorously she claims, “the people of town probably bought and burned every copy as there are none left in the museum collection.”

Messere and the original group of members helped found the new Friends of the Old Town of Eaton, which has attained a federal not-for-profit incorporation that allows donations to the museum to be tax

This is the 22nd year for the group that has worked tirelessly to keep the history of the town of Eaton alive. The group invites new members and that day they can sign up and receive a gift of a tee shirt!

The group has a new Facebook Page called Friends of the Old Town of Eaton Museum which features history stories, information on the museum and videos so the public can interact from home.

So join the fun, listen to some stories of “Old Eaton”, buy a gift, and support your community. The Old Town of Eaton Museum is located at 2776 River Road, in the Hamlet of Eaton. For more information, the Facebook page for Old Town of Eaton Museum. Parking is available at the Post Office on Route 26.

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