Drone group hosts Friday Night Flights

CNY Drones Volunteer Paul Brown (left) explains drone electronics to Eagle Scout Jimmi Wadnola (right) during a Tiny Whoop build session.

CNY Drones is hosting Tiny Whoop Friday Night Flights on Fridays, December 1 and 88:30-11:00pm, at the Jewish Community Center, 2310 Oneida Street, Utica, NY. Tiny Whoop drone owners and those age 11+ interested learning more about indoor flying are encouraged to attend.   The event is part of the group’s Model Aviation Student Club STEM programs.

The event will include MultiGP races for those register through the CNY Drones Chapter at MultiGP.com. Admission at the door is based on participation, ranging from $5 for spectators to $30 for flying non-AMA members. Pizza and snacks are included.

“Individuals, families, tech clubs and community-based groups can easily pick up Tiny Whoop since it can be flown almost anywhere indoors,” said CNY Drones Administrator Lisa Payne.  “It’s also a great off-season activity and diversion for sports teams.”

In addition to promoting STEM through drone-centered events, CNY Drones hosts a social media information hub for local hobbyists. To pre-register for Friday Night Flight or for information on CNY Drones, visit www.CNYDrones.org or email CNYDrones@gmail.com.

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