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  • Roberta Millert

    o the Editor:

    Last year we attended Congressman’s Richard Hanna’s Town Hall Meeting in Chittenango. We were pleased to see he had respect for those that disagreed with his decisions and that he provided well thought out responses instead of empty rhetoric. Even though we are Democrats, we were proud to call him my Congressman and could easily vote for him again.

    We were also pleased to see that the audience asked good questions, and was respectful to Congressman Hanna and the other attendees. The meeting was a perfect example of how civility, good manners, common courtesy and respect attracts the same.

    Unfortunately, Trump and the majority of his supporters are mirrors of crudeness, vulgarity and sound bites. They reflect the worst of the worst. It is really scary how low the level of discourse has become in this country in politics and in every day life.

    We don’t feel the core of the Republican party nominated Trump. He was nominated by immature, uninformed and bigoted people looking for easy answers. However, we do feel the Republican party leaders are to blame. They have been pandering to the lowest denominator for the past 8 years by not speaking out against the “Birthers”, Congressman Joe Wilson that yelled out “you lied” during the State of the Union address and setting a goal of making President Obama a “ 1 term” President.

    It is a shame Congressman Hanna has decided not to seek re-election but it is easy to understand why, especially after the uncivilized response he received for his decision not to back Donald Trump. We hope the candidates seeking his seat follow his example on how to treat others, and set aside partisan politics.

    Dan & Roberta Millert
    Bridgeport, NY

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