Rally Demands Release of Full Mueller Report

Submitted by Jen DeWeerth

More than 50 Mohawk Valley residents at a rally at the State Office Building in Utica April 4 joined the growing legions of citizens insisting that the Mueller Report be made public.

Speakers and signs at the rally organized by Indivisible Mohawk Valley echoed growing concerns that Attorney General William Barr and elected officials are protecting President Trump by not releasing the full report.

The local rally was among many held at the same time across the nation.

Even though the House voted 420-0 that Barr must publicly release the full findings of the report – and polls indicate that an overwhelming majority of the public want that – including a majority of Republicans, Barr is stalling its release.

Published reports this week state that members of the Mueller team say findings of their inquiry were more troubling for President Trump than Barr’s letter indicated. The only reason not to release the full report is to conceal wrongdoing by Trump. Participants said that’s why it’s so concerning that Barr will only agree to release the report with huge sections redacted.

News reports also indicate Trump’s attorney general admits that the full report contains evidence of obstruction of justice. It will also likely address some of the serious remaining questions about collusion, such as the secret real estate deal Trump was pursuing with the Kremlin during the 2016 campaign.

The Trump Administration must release the full report now. The public has a right to this report and to hear from Mueller, Barr and others in public hearings.

In a democracy, even the president of the United States is not above the law.

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