Randallsville meeting will take up local law, updated building permits and Frontier follow-up

The Lebanon Town Council will meeting Monday, June 10, 2019; the meeting will be held in Randallsville.

Items on the agenda include:

  • A public hearing on a local law to allow the town to bid based on best value and not just lowest responsible bidder.
  • Standard Work Day State Retirement Work Day approval for retirees in the state system who work for Lebanon
  • Review and approval of the Town municipal insurance carrier.
  • Taking public input on proposed changes in building permit fees and applications and considering adoption.
  • Followup on complaints made to Frontier Communications and new information from ongoing discussions the Town Supervisor has had with the NYS Attorney General’s office and where all complaints can be directed for future investigation as Frontier is under direction from the AG to take certain action with regard to upgrades, honesty about speeds offered and having to offer lower rates for lower speeds.
  • Status of highway road repairs and acquisition of used 2007 Stadium International Truck.
  • Updates on progress of Community Choice Aggregation that will offer fixed electric rates for Lebanon NYSEG customers unless they opt out.
  • Grievance Day updates for 2019
  • LMLL review status and consideration of additional proposed changes in animal housing safety laws.
  • Code enforcement updates and results of actions
  • Current status of Kriemhild butter plant expansion

Members of the public will be encouraged to attend to review copies of proposed changes in building permit fees and offer input.

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