Claudia Tenney

Madison County Conservative Party Chairman Chris Kendall announced the MCCP is proud to endorse Claudia Tenney for the 22nd Congressional District in 2020.

“Claudia earned our endorsement because she is a very intelligent person of high integrity and who has worked very hard for her constituents in every public office she has held,” Kendall said. “In Congress from 2017 to 2019, nationally she supported the tax reform that has strengthened economic growth, voted for defense funding to restore military readiness and border security.

“Within our district, she championed large cybersecurity projects at Rome Labs, silverware contracts for Sherrill Manufacturing, millions of dollars for hybrid buses and airport improvements in Broome County, and many other projects in the 22nd District.

“Claudia walks the walk. She has defended the little guys like Melvin Phillips who had his home taken by the powerful Halbritter faction of the Oneida’s, she owns a small business here, she shoots with our strongest Second Amendment supporters and she has worked hard to help our veterans as our member of Congress. All people who seek public office verbalize platitudes about these things, but Claudia has demonstrated her commitment.

“The Madison County Conservatives look forward to Claudia campaigning on the issues affecting the people here, unlike our current Representative who is fueling the bitter political partisanship in Washington.”

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