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This evening’s supper is gonna be special – a nice juicy steak done over a charcoal fire with baked potatoes and fresh asparagus. Last Sunday, it was a pork roast done in a Dutch oven on the stove-top – another delight! Used to get all sorts of accolades when the youngsters were here to enjoy it. I gotta admit I like to cook. And to eat. Later in the week it’s gonna be teriyaki chicken. Gotta figure what to go with that. Hmm…

So far, no changes with Carol’s job. Looks like she’s gonna be employed for as long as she wants. It pays fairly well, and it’s decidedly an essential service. Folks gotta have hot water and functioning furnaces in wintertime. She has plenty of time for her hip surgery in July. That’ll likely keep her tied up for a month at least, with two weeks beyond that. Prolly back full time by the first of September…though whether from home or back in the office downtown remains to be seen. Upper management has realized that a number of employees can be productive while continuing to work from home even after all business offices are cleared to re-open. We’ll see how that goes. It would save on gas if she could remain in her office right here in the house. She has no problem at all in communicating with co-workers…even bought Blue Tooth to enhance her communication ability.

We did our Memorial Day observances yesterday. Couldn’t do our usual luncheon, but the wreath-laying, rifle salutes and playing of Taps went on at our usual spots. Especially meaningful given current restrictions. Carol formally laid the wreaths. 

The protests over the murder-by-cop repeat and repeat and repeat has spread all around us. Syracuse, Albany, Watertown, Ithaca, Elmira and others. People are rightfully fed up! While a cop’s job is very demanding, there is no excuse for the level of abuse too often done to people of color , including Hispanics, Native Americans and other minorities. Some whine that rioting and wrecking local communities do not resolve abuses; others reply “They tried peaceful protest and y’all blew up over that, too!”

It reminds me of the agitation over the war in Vietnam. It takes that level of agitation in order to seize the attention of the “powers-that-be,” and that’s too bad. This is gonna get worse, and sadly, it appears that it must be. Those that squawk “Blue Lives Matter” miss the point entirely – and mostly that is deliberate.

Anyhow. We’ve seen more of our annual activities being postponed or eliminated. The annual State Fair is in doubt…a good many vendors don’t dare go purchase supplies that they may not be able to use. That could cost scores of them big bucks, and none can afford that level of financial strain. Exhibitors usually tying up the livestock facilities are in the same boat: whatta ya do when ya can’t show your prize sheep, calves, chickens? And the handicrafts…no use preparing your finest handmade garments, accessories and fruit preserves when can’t nobody come out to judge them, eh? And there certainly won’t be any rodeo activities with no spectators! That’s gonna cost the fairgrounds and would-be exhibitors a lot of folding green – to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars a day!

Golly, folks are pretty doggone disgusted with this Covid-19 crap! And New York certainly isn’t alone with that disgust. Hitting the entire doggone country. Seems to be hammering the Navajo Nation hardest. No thanks to The Donald for his abominable negligence regarding proper preparation for this mess!

Hopefully, our medical services can get a good grip and come up with a good process of immunization. We did it before and will do it again, but these sorts of illnesses are going to happen again, and with increasing frequency.

They will also prove to be harder and harder to control, for a number of reasons. Life on Earth gonna become more and more challenging as time goes on. Hopefully, mankind can cope. We’ll see…

By martha

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