Democrats in the towns of Hamilton and Madison with the Hamilton Public Library, are raising funds to support a Madison County-sponsored program that provides bus tokens for select riders on the intra-county routes served by the Madison Transit System. The token donation program is organized through the Madison County Rural Health Council.

“Token donations help support all those around Madison County who use public transportation for their grocery shopping, medical appointments, employment and socialization,” said Donny Ybarra mobility manager for the Rural Health Council.

Madison Transit System operates daily on four routes detailed at

Town of Hamilton Democratic Committee Chair Chris Rossi called the token donation program “…a meaningful outreach that makes the resources of Madison County available to our neighbors.”

Town of Madison Democratic Committee Chair Pamela Fuller said the program “…ensures that more folks around the county have access to public transportation connecting them with the goods and services they need.”

Cash and check donations to the program can be made in person at the Hamilton Public Library; be sure to specify you are donating to the MTS Token Donation Program. Receipts are available upon request. Make checks payable to “Birnie Bus Service, Inc. – Madison Transit System.” To donate via mail, contact Don Ybarra, at, (317) 459-7055 or through the mail in care of Madison County Rural Health Council, 100 Eaton St., P.O. Box 187, Morrisville, N.Y. 13408.

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