Madison County Historical Society to get help with roof repairs

The Pomeroy Fund for NYS History, a partnership between the William G. Pomeroy Foundation and Museum Association of New York, awarded an additional $50,000 to 14 history-related organizations to assist with urgent capital needs projects; among them was the Madison County Historical Society.

The MCHS’s side porch roof suffered heavy ice damage in 2020 winter storms. The organization will use funding to repair interior and exterior water damage and install a sealant to prevent future damage.

In this highly competitive fourth round of urgent funding, 167 museums and historical societies submitted applications to support projects such as window replacements, new HVAC systems, technology upgrades, roof repairs and accessibility for people who use wheelchairs.

”This was an overwhelming response from history organizations, which underscores the incredible need that remains across New York state,” said Pomeroy Foundation Director for Strategic Initiatives Deryn Pomeroy, at the. “Capital improvements are essential to help these important organizations reopen and stay open.”

“This round helped us see the vast challenges New York’s museums face in the wake of deferred maintenance, limited municipal investment in cultural properties, and the deep financial setbacks incurred through pandemic related revenue reductions,” said Erika Sanger, MANY executive director.

MANY and the Pomeroy Foundation are proud to partner in creating the Pomeroy Fund for NYS History, which has distributed $197,808 to 83 history-related organizations across New York state.

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