Joker is an affectionate kitty, who just loves attention. He is a lap cat and a talker. He may have a weaker immune system which means he can catch a cold easier and take longer to get over it. His special needs include premium food, yearly vaccinations and being an inside only cat. If interested please contact the shelter to set up a visit.

Beautiful Buffy was found as a stray kitten in 2018 and was adopted out. Unfortunately, due to the health of her owner, she found herself back at the shelter a year later. All of this transition and change has been really tough for Buffy to handle, and she’d really love to be back in a home with some stability. It has taken her a while to trust us, but she has made a lot of progress since coming here. We believe since she is so young, if someone is willing to work with her, she could become an awesome companion.

With us, she is a very independent girl who prefers to do her own thing and not to be handled too much. However, she has shown us moments of sweetness that have brought us so much joy, and she continues to improve as we work with her. She loves to play and especially enjoys the string from wand toys and catnip mice. We think she’d do best as an only pet and will need an adult-only home. If you love the challenging cats, and are happy to share your home with a kitty that isn’t needy and is a great ‘supervisor’, please ask to meet Buffy.

For more information, visit humanesocietyrome.come/, visit 6247 Lamphear Road, Rome, or call 315.336.7070.

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