Out of the Dust: Munnsville Plow Company

By Bob Betz

Several weeks ago, July 23 through 25, Munnsville held their annual celebration with the theme, Munnsville Plow Company, and had three of the original plows and a sample of their cast iron articles on display.

The following is their incorporation filing in 1892.

In the matter of the incorporation


Munnsville Plow Company

Pursuant to the provisions of the Business Corporations Law, the undersigned, citizens and residents of the state of New York, do hereby certify that they desire and intend to become a corporation, for the purpose of carrying on a lawful business, and that:

The name of the proposed corporation is “Munnsville Plow Company.”

The objects for which said Corporation is to be formed, are to manufacture, sell and deal in plows and other Agricultural Tools and Implements. Its plant and establishment for the manufacture of such plows, tools and implements is to be located at Munnsville, in the Town of Stockbridge, Madison County, New York, and its business of selling and dealing in said implements and tools is to be carried on wherever the same can be profitably done.

The amount of the Capital Stock of said Corporation shall be Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00) common stock.

The number of shares of which said capital stock shall consist, shall be Five Hundred, of the par value of One Hundred Dollars each.

The location of the principal business office of said corporation shall be at Munnsville, Madison County, New York.

The duration of said corporation shall be fifty years.

The number of directors of said corporation shall be three, each of whom shall be a stockholder having at least five shares of stock.

The names and post office addresses of the directors for the first year are:

Clarence w. Dexter, Munnsville, Madison County, N.Y.

Will R. Paul, Munnsville, Madison County, N.Y.

John E. Sperry, Elbridge, Onondaga County, N.Y.

The following is a statement of the names and post office addresses of the subscribers and the numbers of shares of stock which each agrees to take in the corporation, viz:

Clarence W. Dexter, Munnsville, N.Y., 167 shares

Will R. Paul, Munnsville, N.Y., 167 shares

John E. Sperry, Elbridge, N.Y., 166 shares

Dated Munnsville, N.Y. December 15th, 1892

(signed) Clarence W. Dexter, Will R. Paul, John E. Sperry

Bob Betz is an independent amateur historian who has volunteered for the past two years in Madison County Archives in the Clerk’s Office. While working there three days a week, Betz has recaptured stories of Madison County’s past ‘out of the dust.’ His columns are taken directly from the county’s historic documents and written in the vernacular of the era.

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  • Michelle

    My brother now lives in what use to be the old munnsville plow company. He found a placque with that name wewould ove to kmow more about the home he now shares with his wife and children. Parents both grew up in Munnsville both on Williams road

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