Caz Library Plans Family Fun Night

(Cazenovia, NY – Sept. 2011) There is a new 4-H club forming in Cazenovia this fall. Any interested fifth- to seventh-grader is welcome to bring his or her family to a 4-H Family Fun Night at the Cazenovia Public Library’s Community Room at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 28.

Enjoy games and refreshments and find out all about 4-H.

What is a 4-H Club? A group of at least five youths who meet regularly to work on 4-H projects, perform community services, participate in business meetings to plan the things they want to do, learn to make group decisions in a democratic way and have fun with members of other 4-H clubs through county-wide events and activities.

Where and when do 4-H clubs meet? Each club sets its own meeting time and place. Many clubs meet in the homes of members or leaders. Some meet in church meeting rooms or other public places.

The 4-H office also has rooms available for meetings – on a regular basis or for a special program.

For more information about the Family Fun Night or about starting a 4-H club, contact Peg Lewis at Madison County 4-H at (315) 684-3001 ext. 116 or

What is a 4-H project?

A project is a series of learning experiences that help the members learn information, develop life skills, and often make something. Some examples of beginning projects are:

* Horticulture – plant a dish garden or a vegetable garden while learning what helps a plant to grow

* Foods and Nutrition – learn basic facts about nutrition while baking or preparing a simple dish

* Sewing – learn to make a simple piece of clothing or other item from fabric

* Many projects are available from 4-H in a wide variety of fields. Each includes a leader’s guide to help the leader teach the project.

What do leaders do?

The leadership of a club is shared among the parents of the members. Each club has an organizational leader who maintains contact with the 4-H office, keeps the members informed about 4-H activities and coordinates the efforts of the other parents. Leaders may be asked to:

* Teach a project

* Help with fundraising

* Accompany the group at 4-H events

* Chaperone members on a trip

* Help with errands such as picking up supplies, providing snacks, providing transportation, offering a meeting place

How do leaders know what to do?

The 4-H staff is always available to leaders.

* The staff will help parents organize a club and offer suggestions for activities

* At leader training workshops, the 4-H staff and other volunteers will help teach you projects you can take back to your clubs.

* At training meetings, experienced 4-H leaders share ideas, advice and information with new leaders.

* The 4-H staff is only a phone call away.

How much does it cost to join 4-H? There is no fee to be a 4-H club or member. Some clubs may set dues to cover the cost of supplies, trips or other club expenses. There are two annual county fundraisers that clubs may participate in. Some of the money raised goes back to the club and the balance goes to the Madison County 4-H Foundation to support county-wide 4-H activities.

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