Grace Rapasadi (right) is sworn in as the first-ever female Lenox town justice as her daughter Gina Stokes holds the Bible.  (Photos by Margo Frink)

Swearing in elected officials is town Clerk Charlene Barres. Pictured from left are Gina Stokes (holding Bible) new town Justice Grace Rapasadi, newly-elected Councilman Tom Bush, re-elected as Lenox town supervisor Rocco DiVeronica and newly-elected Councilman Richard J. Wimmer.

By Margo Frink

(Town of Lenox, NY – Dec. 29, 2011) Before holding its year-end meeting Dec. 29, the town of Lenox held a swearing-in ceremony for newly-elected officials. Grace Rapasadi will replace town Justice Michael Mitchell. Rapasadi leaves the town board after serving one term as its first-ever councilwoman to become the town’s first-ever female justice.

Leaving the town board is Richard Rossi, who served as councilman for 12 years. Rossi said he’s enjoyed the years he’s served on the board.

“We’ve accomplished a lot of things since I’ve been here and I’ve had fun,” Rossi said. He said he will continue to serve the town with the Kid’s Day program.

Joining the town board are Tom Bush and Richard Wimmer. Bush leaves the Lenox Planning Board to serve on the town council.

Lenox Supervisor Rocco DiVeronica begins his 25th year as supervisor to the town. He thanked Rossi and Rapasadi for their service.

“We’ve done a lot of good work as a group,” DiVeronica said. “You both should be proud of what you’ve done for the town. I hate to see you go. Our town is run as well as any town in the area.”

DiVeronica noted recent numbers reported the town is the third largest in growth in the county, just behind Hamilton and Cazenovia, which are both college communities. Fourth was the town of Eaton, also a college community.

Other Business

A decision was made to drop the proposal regarding Local Law 5 that would delete the section where residents receive written notification if they reside within 200 feet of a zone change or variance request. DiVeronica said there was “too much controversy.” He said the town had planned to send courtesy letters anyway but they will not move forward on changing the Local Law.

The town is seeking applicants for the appointment of a dog control officer. Those interested should notify the town office by Jan. 6.

DiVeronica provided an update on Water District 12, which encompasses residents living north of the village on Route 13 and portions of Whitelaw, Carter and Lewis Pt. roads.

EFC (New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation) denied the district’s hardship request, according to DiVeronica, and will not provide the funding. However, funding is possible through USDA Rural Development at 2.25 percent for 38 years. He said a $500,000 grant was secured. Residents living within the district are looking at paying $550 to $575 annually for the debt. If residents choose to not move forward with the project, around $145,000 debt incurred will still need to be paid back and will cost around $50 a year for each unit.

DiVeronica said John Dunkle; project engineer will be available for an informational meeting sometime this month and residents will be notified.

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