By Chris Hoffman

(Earlville, NY – Jan. 2012) Located partially in Madison County and partially in Chenango County, Earlville occupies a mere 1.08 square miles and is home to about 750 people.  It was originally settled by English, German, Irish, Italian, and Dutch immigrants, and was incorporated in 1887.

Today, the tiny village – known as “Smalltown, U.S.A.” – is getting some national recognition thanks to loyal residents.  Readers Digest is sponsoring a sweepstakes in which a total of 18 prizes will be awarded to nominated cities and towns in the form of a donation to the city/town.  Earlville currently has 177,823 votes, putting it in tenth place and qualifying it for a fourth-place prize of $5,000.

The prizes to be awarded are as follows: One Grand Prize of $50,000, two Runner-Up Prizes of $25,000 each, five Third-Place Prizes of $10,000 each, and ten Fourth-Place Prizes of $5,000 each.

Winners will be selected by tallying all of the votes received for each city or town.  Each vote counts as one. The city/town with the highest number of votes will win the Grand Prize, the city/town with the second highest and the city/town with the third highest number of votes will each receive a Runner-Up Prize, the city/town with the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth highest number of votes will each receive a Third-Place Prize, and the city/town with the ninth, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th highest number of votes will each receive a Fourth-Place Prize.

First place is presently occupied by Lake City, Iowa, with 984,284 votes. Higginsville, MO, and Lake Andes, SD, occupy second and third places for $25,000 each.

Third-place cities (for $10,000 each) are Minot, ND (499,607 votes), Concord, MI (455,298 votes), Weaubleau, MO (308,590 votes), Arthur, NE (257,326 votes), and Needles, CA (232,131 votes).

Fourth-place cities (for $5,000 each) are (in addition to Earlville) Rossville, KS (193,332 votes), Paradise, MI (174,479 votes), Appleton City, MO (174,034 votes), Chatsworth, IL (147,100 votes), El Paso, IL (140,752 votes), Joplin, MO (137,067 votes), Red Boiling Springs, TN (127,100 votes), Shinnston, WV (123,385 votes), and Baldwin, NY (103,182 votes).

If you’d like to vote for Earlville, first register at From there, you can vote as many times as you wish in order to keep Earlville in the running.  You can also submit an optional description of how you would like to see the prize money used.  Rankings change daily, depending on how many people have voted.




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