Pig City Garden Calendar

By Dan Marvin

(Cazenovia, NY – Jan. 2012) It’s time to get real serious about finalizing plans for this year’s vegetable garden. I kept track of what I planted last year, what Kate said when I bring veggies in for her to make salad, cook, can or freeze; how good the harvest is, how tasty they are and any other possible trait or condition that is important when considering what to plant this year.

If you were not fortunate to have a garden last year, perhaps you have a friendly neighbor who had what you consider a good garden; go to that neighbor and ask for advice about what he or she planted and what did real well.

Then, when you get your seed catalogs – I’ve gotten four already! – take advantage of their expertise regarding time from planting to harvest and avoid any vegetable that takes more than 75 days to harvest.

Even better, try for 65 to 70 day maximums in our Zone 4.

You can also get a good idea of size, color, taste, potential for extended harvest, etc.; then get together with your family and decide what you will plant, when you will need seed or plants, and then do as we do and pray that our Lord watches over the time from planting to harvest and gives us good crops.

Happy gardening!

Daniel Marvin is a retired lieutenant colonel and hobbyist gardener. He can be reached at 52Dangerous@windstream.net.

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