RSVP Receives Grant for Volunteer Services Study

(Madison County, NY – Jan. 2012) RSVP has received a grant from The Gifford Foundation to conduct a county-wide assessment of volunteer needs in the community.

It is well-known that volunteers provide invaluable service to Madison County non-profits. Indeed, many of our critical community needs are serviced by dedicated volunteers. Non-profits are being asked to do more with less and may not be taking full advantage of volunteer services available to them.  RSVP wants to find out what the volunteer needs of the non-profits are and what services non-profits desire from a volunteer support agency.

An assessment survey will be distributed in mid-February. The Madison County Volunteer Services Needs Assessment final report can be used by non-profits for improved community collaborations and program development purposes. RSVP will benefit by adding to its programs and marketing strategies in light of local community needs. As a result of the project, RSVP expects to diversify its funding and expand its program to offer additional volunteer support services in Madison County.

RSVP is thrilled by the opportunity to conduct this volunteer services needs assessment. We appreciate this grant support and the work of The Gifford Foundation in Central New York.  Many Madison County non-profits have been strengthened over the years by the Gifford Foundation’s grantmaking.   The proposed feasibility study will benefit RSVP and Madison County as a whole by being a catalyst that strengthens and improves volunteer services.

This release was submitted by Mary Bartlett, director of RSVP of Madison County.


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