Lions and Rotary clubs square off to support non-profits

(Hamilton, NY – Jan. 2012) Based on that popular game show of the 80’s (Family Feud) the Hamilton Lions Club has accepted the challenge thrown by the Hamilton Rotary Club for a fun raucous night on Friday Jan. 20 at 7 p.m. Teams will compete, responding “to the best of their knowledge and wit” the top responses of the surveyed statements. Which team will emerge as the winner? Who will pass, play, or steal?

Entering its fifth year Hamilton Feud (produced by The Palace Theater) benefits non-profit agencies that split proceeds from the ticket sales. Team players are Ahmad Khazaee, Matt Barber, Clara Lantz, Michelle Butzgy and John Butzgy for the Hamilton Lions Club, and David Craine, Aurelius Henderson, Bobby Pennington, Gwenn Parry Werner, Lindsey Hoham, and alternate Barb Albrecht for the Roaring Rotary Eradicators. Come support your favorite team and have lots of fun watching Hamilton Feud. Both service oriented clubs support their communities through countless endeavors. Have a great time supporting both teams.

Tickets are $10 per person and are available at Parry’s Hardware, The Palace Theater or by contacting your local Lions or Rotary members. Tickets will also be sold at the door starting at 6:30 p.m. on game night. Light drinks and popcorn will be sold by the teams.

Larry Baker, Hamilton Feud’s Game Master, sporting his trademark red vest and bow tie, will explain rules, encourage players and entertain the audience. Hamilton Feud is all about points, winning streaks, and top answers. Teams compete for points by guessing the top five answers to statements that were part of the survey completed by residents. A statement example is, “Name a popular breakfast cereal.”

The game begins with the captains of both teams facing off at the lock-out desk to see which team will gain control. An answer is considered correct if it is one of the concealed answers on the game board. If the captain’s answer earns the higher points, his/her team gets the chance to play or pass. Three strikes and the team gives up control of the board, and the competing team gets a chance to steal the points by naming just one answer that’s not yet revealed on the board.

The Palace Theater is located at 19 Utica St. in downtown Hamilton. Visit or call 824-1420 for more information.




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