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(Canastota, NY – Jan. 2012) A recent Cornell University study found natural gas may be worse than coal for greenhouse effect. Shale gas extraction will make the greenhouse gas problem worse, due to methane leaking or venting from wells, and also during processing and transportation.

It will deplete and contaminate our fresh water supplies, cause serious illness and cost millions in clean-up and health costs. [Hydraulic fracturing] is not a solution to solve climate change. Natural gas will only bring global profits to the gas extraction industry and leave us with a toxic waste dump.

We must use our natural resources wisely, consume less energy and develop alternatives to [hydraulic fracturing]. Our lives literally depend on it.

Sylvia Skinner-DeFrancisco, Canastota

By martha

One thought on “Hydraulic Fracturing Not the Solution to Climate Change”
  1. Over the last 26 years of CO2 climate crisis warnings, belief in it has proven to be unsustainable and if you don’t know that, you are the new denier. Science gave us the pesticides that poisoned the planet in the first place don’t forget and history will mock our blind faith in them plus our blind faith in lazy copy and paste journalists and pandering politicians. Liberals are supposed to be rebels who question, doubt and challenge authority. That’s our job. Maybe we became the fear mongers with our SAVE THE PLANET threats to our children?
    To the ever growing non believer majority, it appears now as if the remaining believers “wanted” this misery to have been true and are their dooms day belief is no longer part of mainstream progressivism. Nobody is going to vote for taxes to tame the weather unless by some miracle these tens of thousands of saintly consensus scientists show up to save the day. It was a consultant’s wet dream.
    Climate Blame crisis from Human CO2 was a tragic yet legal exaggeration and we have now backed off of the CO2 mistake but history will not forget how we condemned billions to the greenhouse ovens with childish glee. The needless panic is gone, and for the REAL PLANET LOVERS, it’s a relief the crisis wasn’t true, not a disappointment. Meanwhile, the UN had allowed carbon trading to trump 3rd world fresh water relief, starvation rescue and 3rd world education for just over 25 years of INSANE attempts at climate CONTROL. Nice job girls. This should keep us out of power for a decade or more.

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