Congressman Owens Disappointed with Keystone Rejection

(Washington, DC – Jan. 19, 2012) Congressman Owens released the following statement in response to the Administration’s official rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline permit.

“With conflicts overseas driving up prices at the pump and so many Americans out looking for work, I am deeply disappointed that the White House has formally rejected the Keystone XL pipeline permit,” said Owens. “As we work toward a long-term renewable energy program, beginning construction on the Keystone pipeline is the right short-term solution for the nation’s energy concerns and putting Americans back to work.

“This project will ensure that we refine more oil from Canada — our trusted ally — where it will travel a shorter distance and there is less chance for disruption.  I urge the Administration to either reconsider this decision or move quickly to approve an alternative so this critical infrastructure project can move forward. While the White House has said it will allow TransCanada Corp to reapply for this permit, I believe we must move forward with the environmentally safe construction of this needed project today.”


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