High School to add Third Hydrant

(Oneida, NY – Jan. 2012) A regular Water Board Meeting was held in the Oneida Water Department Office Jan. 10.

The Board was provided with a memo from Superintendent Arthur Smolinski regarding proposed water service charges for 2012.  In the memo, Smolinski explained that the charges are for special services to a select number of individuals.  The idea being that the people who receive the services should be the ones paying for them.

Equipment rates are based on the state Department of Transportation equipment rental rate schedule. Most of the service charges are based on average cost of providing the service.  Replacement service costs are based on Water Department Rules and Regulations for leaking services.

The board resolved to recommend to the Oneida Common Council that the 2012 Water Service Charges be adopted as presented.

There was one additional item added to the agenda.  On Jan. 9, Smolinski received the Oneida City School District Hydrant Agreement.  In a memo, Smolinski explained that the Oneida City School District has two existing hydrants at the high school.  The District will be adding a third hydrant to provide greater hydrant coverage near the high school. This agreement would include all three.

A new main will tap off the existing 16 inch main that crosses the property near the soccer field.  The 2012 charge is $101.64 per hydrant.  The City and School District already have an agreement for maintenance of the hydrant at the bus repair facility in the business park.

The board agreed to recommend to the Common Council that the Mayor be authorized to sign the Oneida City School District Hydrant Agreement.

The annual review of the Identity Theft Policy was done and it was decided that no changes were needed.

These board notes were compiled by Donna Osier, Clerk of the Board.



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