(Madison County, NY – Jan. 19, 2012) The Madison County Department of Solid Waste has just released a new promotional video called Madison County Renewable Energy Projects.

“We wanted something that could be used as a promotional tool for the Madison County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) to encourage new businesses to relocate to our proposed Agricultural Renewable Energy Park (ARE) and to take advantage of the low cost green energy being produced at the Buyea Road Landfill site,” explained Director James A. Zecca. “We also wanted a product that could be used as an educational tool by our County Recycling Coordinator Sharon A. Driscoll.”

Several features that make the ARE Park a level above other business parks include, low cost green energy i.e. heat and electricity; low cost land for development and the close proximity to the New York State Thruway.

“Development of the ARE Park will put land back on the County and town tax rolls, and create new jobs for the residents of Madison County,” said John M. Becker, chairman of the Madison County Board of Supervisors.

The new video touts the promotion of green energy at the County’s landfill, citing the gas-to-energy facility that takes advantage of the methane gas produced naturally in the landfill and turning it into low cost electricity and heat for proposed businesses and the new solar array that supplies electricity to the Madison-Cortland ARC Recycling Center.

The green energy projects now located at the County landfill have sparked the interest of a number of area colleges and neighboring government agencies. Educational tours of the site are on the rise, according to Driscoll.

The video, produced by Acumen Media, is now on YouTube and can be found if you type in the search space, Madison County Renewable Energy Project. The video can also be viewed on the Madison County Web site madisoncounty.ny.gov.



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