Lehigh Valley Trail Improvements Opens Trail to More Users


(Madison County, NY) The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation’s Central Region announced recently that improvements are being made to a roughly 1.5 mile portion of the Lehigh Valley Trail in the town of Lincoln to expand recreation on the popular multi-use trail and link it to Oxbow Falls County Park.

Volunteers from the Tri-Valley Trail Riders snowmobile club and the Central New York Chapter of the North Country Trail Association are to be commended for their dedication and hard work to make the trail useable for multiple outdoor activities.

“Through the dedicated work of volunteers, this public trail will now be more accessible for winter outdoor enthusiasts to snowmobile, snowshoe and cross-country ski while enjoying the area’s scenic beauty,” said Rob Hiltbrand, regional director for State Parks’ Central Region. “We are grateful for the successful stewardship of the CNY Chapter of the North Country Trail Association whose members have helped make these public lands safe and accessible, and the Tri- Valley Trail Riders, who are undertaking these important trail improvements.”

Through a permit with State Parks, the Tri-Valley Riders have cut brush, removed stumps, leveled the trail, replaced culverts and are placing signs for the snowmobile season. The club is also maintaining a parking area on Oxbow Road and working to increase access to the multi-use trail from Nelson Road to Quarry Road.

Previously, the segment of the trail from Oxbow Road to Nelson Road had been made available for equestrian and snowmobile use through a pilot program.

Working with Madison County Planning Department and State Parks, The Tri-Valley Riders have also been approved to move a segment of the state Snowmobile Corridor Trail C7E from privately held lands to public state parklands in the community to help link the trail to Oxbow Falls County Park.

“It has long been a goal of Madison County and NYS Parks to find a connection between the LVT and Oxbow Falls County Park, which in very close proximity to the old railroad bed of the LVT,” said Madison County’s Associate Planner Jim Petreszyn. “Members of the hiking organization, equine group, local snowmobile club, and Madison County have been working together along with neighboring landowners as a part of this effort, making this connection a very real possibility.”

The amenities found at Oxbow Falls, such as bathroom facilities, potable water and a large parking area that can accommodate vehicles and trailers, offers great opportunities for trail users. In the near future, users of Oxbow Falls will be able to hike the trails at the falls, play disc golf as well as easily bike, snowmobile, cross-country ski, ride horseback or simply walk the Lehigh Valley Trail.

“New York is fortunate to have so many outstanding multi-use trails, such as the Lehigh Valley Trail, which connect communities, promote health, and strengthen local economies,” said Robin Dropkin, executive director of Parks & Trails New York. “We commend the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation for its advancement of these kinds of trails and heartily applaud the volunteers who have played, and continue to play, a major role in the Lehigh Valley Trail’s development and maintenance. It’s exciting that the latest improvements to the Lehigh Valley Trail will enable more year-round uses and will provide a link to Oxbow Falls County Park.”

State Parks will be working with the all the volunteer groups to make sure appropriate safety, informational and interpretive signs are posted to help ensure a positive multi-use experience by all trail users.

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