Madison Transit offers Fixed Route, Route Deviation and Dial-A-Ride Services

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(Wampsville, NY – Jan. 2012) Make it a New Year’s resolution to save money, stress and the environment by taking advantage of Madison County’s Transit System this year. Let someone else do the driving while you work, talk on the phone, text friends and more – all things you can’t do behind the wheel.

Public transportation, something rarely found in rural areas comparable to Madison County, is:

* a great way to avoid the stress of navigating snow- and ice-covered roads or even typical commuter traffic;

* a means of helping seniors and the disabled maintain their independence, not having to rely on family or friends for rides to grocery shop or for doctor’s visits;

* environmentally responsible – reducing emissions that can impact air and water quality, and thereby, health;

* fiscally smart – saving on fuel, maintenance, wear and tear and potentially even liability insurance; the cost of public transportation is generally about one-third that of commuting by medium-sized gasoline-powered automobile.

MTS offers several services to accommodate almost every need:

Fixed Route Service is a bus service that travels along a route with identified stops and associated times, according to a weekly schedule. The fixed-route fare ranges from $3 to as little as 75 cents one way (depending on a variety of factors; see for more details) or $45 for a monthly pass.

Route Deviation Service is an expanded service that will deviate up to three-quarters of a mile from a fixed route to pick up individuals who cannot get to a scheduled stop. Route Deviation is a reservation service. Call for reservations no later than the end of regular business hours of the day before the ride is needed. The fee is $6 one way.

Dial-A-Ride: Madison County Transit offers Dial-A-Ride service to those qualified individuals who cannot get to a fixed route. Dial-A-Ride Service operates from approximately 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. Reservations are required. The fee is $6 one way.

Seniors, the disabled and children from 6 to 16 years old pay half-fare; children 5 and under ride free and intra-city (within any village/town/city) rides are also half fare.

For information, or to make a reservation call (315) 824-1260 or toll-free at (877) 702-7095.

The Madison Transit System serves the city of Oneida and the towns and villages of Madison County. The public transportation provider boasts a fleet of wheelchair-accessible vehicles providing approximately 20,000 rides per year. Its mission is to provide safe, reliable service that is accessible and affordable to all Madison County residents and visitors. For more information about the Madison Transit System, call (315) 366-2376 or email

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