4-H Members from Madison County Awards and Recognition Brunch held Saturday, Jan. 21.

4-H volunteers and members have fun at Awards and Recognition Brunch.

(Madison County, NY – Jan. 2012) On Saturday, Jan. 21, Madison County 4-H celebrated its members and volunteers with an Awards and Recognition Brunch at the Rusty Rail in Canastota. The awards given were in honor of the project work that the clubs and members completed in the 2011 4-H year.

The following 4-H clubs members and volunteers were honored:

Creative Club Project Award: Winner – Spurs & Spokes, Leader Ann Janson; Honorable Mention – Lincklaen Shamrocks, Leader Sue Groetz

Outstanding Club Community Service Award: Winner – NW 4-H, Leader Jessica Omans; Honorable Mention – Lincklaen Shamrocks, Leader Sue Groetz

2012 We Love Our Leaders Awards: Sabrina Simiele – NW 4-H, Penny Hazer – Swift Hooves

4-H Spirit Award: Annika Bruno, Morgan Gregg, Terry Omans, David Carr, Gabriella Nowakowski, Hope Doney, Tatiana Nowakowski

Project Encouragement Awards: Sewing – Morgan Gregg; Creative Arts – Riley Murphy, Noah Skeele, Tanner Smith; Dairy – Hope Doney; Horse – Caitlyn Conrad, Haley Demenezes, Hanna Keppler, Michael Kimberly, Savannah Laux, Jacob Leland, Shannon Marcy; Community Service – Avery Ballard, Hanna Keppler, Shannon Marcy, Michael Kimberly; Public Presentations – Shelby Curtis, Annika Bruno

Junior Awards – Grades Seven through Nine:

4 Leaf Clover Award: – Kaitlyn Carr

Project Achievement Awards: Clothing – Mya Walters; Creative Arts – Ashley Kent; Leadership – Janeen Reale; Horse – Amanda Cranwell, Haley Demenezes; Food – Kaitlyn Howard; Horticulture – Emerson Brothers; Dairy – Katelyn Bloss, Alison Eisenhut, Jonathan Reale; Citizenship – Sarah Loucks, Jennie McIntosh; Dog – Eloise Wright; Poultry – Autumn Skeele

4-H Explorer Award: Lara Bruno

Junior Achievement Award: Morgan Cotter, Maria Groetz

Junior Leadership: Ashley Bloss, Ashley Kent, Erica Reale, Emerson Brothers, Shawna Kimberly, Janeen Reale, Lara Bruno, Hafeezah Lewis, Matthew Reale, Nicole Champion, Gabrielle Loftus, Tabitha Parker, Tyler Curtis, Abagail Marcy, Aubrey Skeele, Mackenzie Gregg, Alanna Parker, Jade Smith, Maria Groetz, Kaitlynn Pfeiffer, Mya Walters

Senior Awards:

Laura Janson Sportsmanship Award: Sasha Demenezes; Senior Achievement in Horse Project – Alex Alex Belton, Sasha Demenezes; Millard Thayer Award – Alanna Parker; Deacon Doubleday Memorial Award – Erica Reale; Senior Achievement in Communications Projects – Tyler Curtis; Senior Achievement in Community Service Projects – Hafeezah Lewis; Senior Achievement in Dairy Projects – Matthew Reale, Tabitha Parker; Spirit of 4-H Award – Aubrey Skeele; Senior 4-Leaf Clover Award – Abagail Marcy, Marissa Davies; Lois Hickox Memorial Award – Kaitlynn Pfeiffer; Senior Citizenship Award – Jade Smith

Award Trip Winners: Capital Days – Aubrey Skeele, Tabitha Parker, Alternate: Hafeezah Lewis; Career Explorations Trip – Tyler Curtis Sasha Demenezes; Honors 4-H Education Trip Scholarships: Morgan Cotter, Dax Parker, Maria Groetz, Erica Reale, Hafeezah Lewis, Matthew Reale, Alanna Parker, Autumn Skeele

The 4-H youth development program provides opportunities for all youth ages 5-19 to participate in innovative, fun programs through which they develop life skills. 4-Her’s learn valuable skills, have fun, make new friends, solve problems, earn awards, practice citizenship, develop leadership abilities and make a difference in their communities.

For more information about the 4-H Youth Development Program in Madison County contact the 4-H Office at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Madison County at (315) 684-3001.

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