Village Seeks Answers From State

By Margo Frink

(Canastota, NY – Feb. 6, 2012) Canastota Village Trustee Ted Lumbrazo said he has received a few calls from residents asking what the status is of a home on State Street, owned by Tim Mitchell. The house was destroyed in a fire and the structure remains in a dilapidated state.

At the village board meeting held Feb. 6, Village Administrator Larry Carpenter said codes enforcement Officer Mike Adsit spoke with Mitchell and was told he’s in the process of tearing it down. Adsit gave him 10 days. Mitchell then told Adsit he may have a buyer for it, Carpenter said.

“It seems we are pushing this aside,” Lumbrazo said. “It’s always one excuse after another. First it’s on state property, now he’s got a buyer. What about the homeowner’s responsibility?”

“They are not excuses,” said Mayor Todd Rouse.

“They should be on a level playing field as any other resident in the village who’s had a fire,” Lumbrazo said.

“It’s not a level playing field,” said trustee Margaret Peters. “The state owns the land.”

And therein lays the problem. The state does own the land but which state agency.

After the meeting, Carpenter told the Courier the village was told by the state Canalway System (Thruway Authority) that the property has been turned over to state Parks and Recreation. But state Parks and Recreation told the village, they don’t control it.

“Nobody knows the legalities of what we can and cannot do,” Carpenter said. “We can’t find the right person who has the answers.”

Carpenter said they continue to seek answers with New York State.

Other Business

Village trustees agreed to move forward with an agreement with ICS Telecom out of Rochester to provide its phone and Internet service for the Municipal Building, including four fax lines.

With the current system provided by ICS using Earthlink, the village pays around $1,100 a month including Internet. ICS now has the ability to supply broadband Internet. A lease agreement for five years offers a $1 buyout at the end. With a promotion, the monthly fee is $860 a month.

“The company assures us billing will be the same,” said Carpenter. “Currently we pay per call. [The new plan] will be unlimited.”

Carpenter mentioned the savings in mobile phone service by switching from Nextel to Verizon last June. Fire department personnel also were removed from the mobile phone plan. Last year’s June bill was $236; it has decreased to $208.

In November of last year landline phones at the recreation field and municipal pool were set up on a wireless device that can be turned off for six months out of the year, for an added savings.

The 2011 waste water treatment plant report shows 588 million gallons was treated, it handled 1.6 million gallons of flow; there were 33 overflow events totally 58 million gallons and 242 tons of bio solids were removed.

Lumbrazo also was concerned with the village securing the funds to complete Founders Park, formerly Triangle Park located at N. Main and New Boston streets. He said he wanted to make sure the current administration has the money in place before a new administration takes over this year.

Rouse said the village has allocated $15,500 for the granite, which will be ordered as soon as all the wording is complete and accurate. The park will include monuments dedicated to Canastota’s founder Reuben Perkins and deceased members of the fire department. Rouse said the park may be complete by May 1.

Village Historian David Sadler said Perkins’ great-great-great-great-great granddaughter Susan Murphy of Queens plans to attend the dedication.

The Canastota Fire Departments Lenten fish dinners will begin Feb. 24. They start at 4:30 p.m.

Margo Frink is vice president of M3P Media LLC and managing editor of the Madison County Courier. She can be reached at or 315-481-8732.


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