To the Editor:

While concerns about alcohol and marijuana use among teens continue, new synthetic drugs are being sold, which have become popular with teenagers.

K2, or “spice” is a form of synthetic marijuana that is being sold in local tobacco stores and head shops. Other common names for the drug include: skunk, genie, smoke and legal funk.  The drug is marketed as herbal incense and is generally smoked.

K2 is sprayed with chemicals that mimic the effects of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. Effects of K2 have shown to be dangerous as there have been an increasing amount of emergency room visits due to the use of the drug. Often times the drug causes psychosis, this can be prolonged in some users. Other effects include paranoia, increased blood pressure and heart rate, mild euphoria, altered state of consciousness, agitation, anxiety and hallucinations.

Some of the chemicals in K2 were banned by the DEA in 2011, however, without testing; one may not know the legality or potential danger of the product. Besides the health and safety concerns, the availability of the drug in Madison County is concerning.

Abigail Simchik

BRiDGES, Madison County Council on Alcoholism & Substance Abuse

By martha

One thought on “Dangerous New Drug Popular Among Teens”
  1. Synthetic marijuana is a huge problem, but don’t forget the problem we have with kids trying drugs that are already in the home. Counselors treat teen addicts. You won’t believe the shock on parents’ faces when you tell them that they may have been their child’s drug dealer.

    Unattended pills in the home is an invitation to experiment. Kids are not afraid to try high powered opiates, once someone tells them how great it felt. But when that costly high goes away, teens turn to cheaper heroin.

    Teen addicts often say that parents don’t enforce the anti-drug message and that home drug testing may have stopped them from trying in the first place.

    Dot let experimentation lead to addiction. Thanks Bridges for these updates. Hopefully parents will begin to become familiar with these toxic products.

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