By Margo Frink

(Town of Nelson, NY – Feb. 2012) Two separate situations on N. Lake Road were topics at the Nelson Town Board meeting Feb. 9.

The first was an issue with patrons of the Blue Canoe restaurant parking on both sides of N. Lake Road, which could present a problem for emergency vehicles trying to maneuver down the road. It also poses a problem for snow plows, said Highway Superintendent Jack Sevier.

Members of the board also received phone calls from some residents who are having difficulty seeing around parked cars when exiting their driveways.

No parking signs are posted along the north side of the road but Councilman Mike Costello did some research and said he couldn’t find any reference to when this took place and thought that most likely the signs were erected illegally.

“We don’t want to damage the Blue Canoe’s business, but we have to have clearance for emergency vehicles and snow plows,” said Nelson Supervisor Roger Bradstreet.

Costello provided the board with a diagram and suggested a solution. He suggested erecting no double parking signs and placing no parking signs up around the corner on the south side of N. Lake Street passed the Blue Canoe by resident’s homes. He said the new parking ordinance would still leave room for about a half-dozen cars to park on that side of the road.

The board agreed. A resolution was passed to purchase the signage.

The other issue on N. Lake Road came from a home owner who is having issues with water run-off, according to Sevier. He said a small stream, which he’s not even sure the state Department of Environmental Conservation would classify it as a stream although it runs steady, comes off the road into a culvert, runs under the road into another culvert to Tuscarora Lake.

He said the last section of pipe that he believes has been there for more than 35 years has fallen out of place but it cannot be removed legally.

As for the initial pipe, Sevier said it is located on the homeowner’s property.

“It’s not the town’s responsibility,” Sevier said.

“We would have to get an easement to go on the property anyway,” Costello said.

Bradstreet said the town would take a look at it in the spring but at this point they plan to do nothing.

Other Business

Bradstreet said a part-time town employee questioned as to whether the town’s health insurance would provide coverage for part-time employees. Bradstreet said he would research it and get an answer to the employee.

The board agreed to allow the In Your Pace Running Club to use the town property once again to hold its Mad Cow Run, scheduled for Aug. 4. A third portable toilet will be rented this year.

Bradstreet said the town will pursue shelving for the archive room.

Councilman Dean Coe said he received a quote from an electrician for the installation of motion lighting to be placed on three sides of the town hall building estimated between $500 and $600. It would cost an additional $600 to $800 to light the flag. No action was taken.

Councilman John LaGorga said he plans to set up a meeting with Kipp Hicks, director of Madison County Industrial Development Agency to talk about economic development opportunities for the town. He also plans to compile a list of registered businesses in the town and engage them for the purpose of discussing economic development.

The Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals each have an opening for one board member. Two candidates are being sought and will be introduced to the boards for consideration. Those interested can contact town hall or Councilman John Laubscher.

Two public hearings have been scheduled for the March 8 meeting. The first public hearing will be held at 7:15 p.m. and pertains to the contract with the newly-formed Morrisville-Eaton Joint Fire District.

The second public hearing is scheduled for 7:25 p.m. and pertains to the Erieville Water District and its new rates or Equity Dwelling Units (EDU). Letters will be sent to members of the district, Bradstreet said.

Margo Frink is vice president of M3P Media LLC and managing editor of the Madison County Courier. She can be reached at or 315-481-8732.


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