They’re Coming Home!


(Madison County, NY – Feb. 2012) The 10th Mountain Division 3rd Combat Brigade at Ft. Drum Fire & Effects Coordination Cell deployed to Afghanistan in March 2011 is returning to the U.S. RSVP volunteers adopted this platoon and has been supporting them throughout the year with help and contributions from generous citizens around Madison County.

On behalf of the RSVP Advisory Council, staff and members of the FECC Platoon, we want to thank everyone who donated snacks and toiletries, wrote letters, donated money to pay for postage and other necessary items, knit hats and gave of their time to help this worthwhile effort.

All told, we sent more than 40 boxes to our platoon in Kandahar and another five large boxes of diapers, baby clothes, toys and snacks to families at Ft. Drum. We especially want to thank the 10 dedicated RSVP Volunteers who gathered each month to pick up donations, write letters, cards and pack boxes.

Below is a message from Cpt. John Young, our contact person for the platoon sent in early February 2012.

“Our time in Afghanistan is coming to an end. A few of the guys, to include myself, will begin our journey back to Fort Drum in the next couple of days. We expect to be home around the second week of February. The remaining guys will make their way back in during February and the whole platoon should be back by the end of March.

“We really appreciate the support and care packages you and the ladies have sent over the course of our deployment. We recently had a promotion and awards ceremony for some of the soldiers in the COLT platoon; the majority of the platoon received an Army Commendation Medal for their hard work over the last year.”

This link to home had a large impact on the morale of the soldiers during their time in Afghanistan. Captain John Young, our liaison, stressed the importance of the link-ups.

“It is so important for our troops to feel America cares and appreciates what they are doing,” Young said.

Thank you once again for supporting our troops.

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