From Quill to Blog: A History through the Eyes of Women is next Canalside Talk

(Canastota, NY – March 2012) On Monday March 5 at 7 p.m. at the Canastota Public Library, Liz Metzger, Director of the Canastota Public Library, and former librarian Trish Dickinson will present an enactment of 11 famous women called, “From Quill to Blog: A History Through the Eyes of Women.”

This presentation explores the viewpoints of women expressed in their writing over the past millennium.  From Abelard’s Heloise and the extraordinary Hildegard of Bingen, through the reigns of Elizabeth I and Victoria, to pioneer women and those who lived through the Civil War and World War II, women share insights that are as surprising as they are profound.

It concludes with Ree Drummund, who currently dispenses homespun advice on her internet blog.

This Canalside talk, co-sponsored by Canastota Canal Town Museum and the library, is free to the public.


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