(Chittenango, NY) The Oz-Stravaganza Committee plans to publish a book containing the winning stories from past years of the Royal Historian of Oz writing contest. Writers in four age groups from third grade through adult have written Oz stories and the winners have been awarded prizes by the International Wizard of Oz club.

The kickstarter organization has approved the project to publish the book and is seeking donations for the project. To find out more about the Oz book and the kickstarter program, visit kickstarter.com/The Writers of Oz-New Stories in the land of Oz. All donations are appreciated and help with the goal of encouraging writers young and old to pursue their dream of writing.

The 2012 Royal Historian of Oz writing contest begins soon. Details for the writing contest as well as the details of all of the Oz-Stravaganza events can be found at oz-stravaganza.com or by calling (315) 333 2286.

By martha

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  1. Um… You might want to put an actual link to that Kickstarter page. That url doesn’t work and searching for the title doesn’t bring up a thing.

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