Ducklings and Pigeons and … Cookies? Oh, my!


Colgate Bookstore news

(Hamilton, NY – April 2012) The Colgate Bookstore will host a Pigeon Book & Cookie Party Tuesday, April 3, at 3:30 p.m., in the Class of 2003 Events Room at 3 Utica St. The fun will start with a dramatic reading by Bookstore staff of The Duckling Gets a Cookie?! (the new Pigeon picture book by best-selling author Mo Willems).

Party games and activities will be followed by a cookie snack. The program is free and open to children of all ages and their families, but mainly geared towards ages 3 through 8.

Parents are asked to register their children in advance at or (315) 228-6944.

Children who attend will receive a party favor, and grown-ups will receive coupon for 20 percent off the featured book.

In The Duckling Gets a Cookie?! Mo Willems’ irrepressible Pigeon returns for his fifth adventure in this New York Times bestselling series. In this outing, the Pigeon’s friend Duckling asks for a cookie, receives one, and offers the anonymous giver a polite “thank you.”

When the Pigeon learns of his friend’s good luck, he – in his usual melodramatic style – has a complete meltdown over the alleged unfairness of the situation.

How will the conflict be resolved? The answer: with the series’ usual blend of silliness, charm and wit.

Contact the Bookstore at (315) 228-6944 with any questions.

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