To the Editor:

(Town of Madison, NY – March 2012) I am deeply concerned about the misleading, inaccurate information being presented regarding the proposed site of the Rolling Upland Wind Farm with its 36 492-foot-tall, industrial turbines.

From the original documents filed with the town of Madison by Horizon/EDP, to the single available copy of the project site map at the town offices, this project has been grossly misrepresented. These documents state, “Residences are located throughout the area. Most are associated with farms, although a few are for recreational purposes (e.g. second homes).”

The project site map has an arbitrary red line delineating the project area. This map does not show all of the homes within that red line. In addition, it shows no homes outside the project area, even though there are many, many homes outside that arbitrary red line only a few thousand feet from proposed industrial turbines.

There are even homes with a 1,000-foot setback for one of the turbines passing right through the property that are not on this map. This map also effectively ignores the existence of historic Nine Mile Swamp (bordering it) and Lake Moraine.

The community in and around this project area currently provides significant tax revenue to the towns of Madison and Hamilton, Madison and Hamilton school districts and Madison County. The addition of an industrial wind complex will significantly reduce this revenue, as well as halt the growth in this community.

It would be a shame for the town to succumb to the enticement of short-term payments in lieu of taxes from Horizon/EDP and lose, forever, the healthy tax base that this community provides.

On behalf of our community, I invite you to visit Hill Road, McCormick Road, Purdy Road, Lake View Estates, Butternut Lane, Newton Road, Bonney Hill Road, Pickett Road(s), Abbert Road, East Lake Road, Robinson Hill Road and Center and Quarterline Roads.

We need everyone in this area to clearly understand the long-term, devastating, negative impact this industrial wind complex will have on our community.

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Pamela Fuller, Madison

By martha

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