(Madison County, NY) Dan Lamb, a longtime senior aide to Congressman Maurice Hinchey, announced recently he is beginning to circulate petitions to run for New York’s new 22nd Congressional District.

The announcement comes as district lines have been finalized and sets up a challenge to Republican Congressman Richard Hanna in a new district that tilts slightly more Democratic than the old 24th district that Hanna lost in 2008, but won in 2010.

Lamb will hold an official campaign kickoff event in mid-April.

Lamb runs Hinchey’s Binghamton District Office, advising the Congressman on key issues, including job creation, economic growth, education, infrastructure development, flood recovery and hydraulic fracturing. The new 22nd congressional district contains a significant portion of Hinchey’s former district where Lamb has worked for the last 14 years.

“I’m running for Congress to help restore the American Dream that has unfortunately fallen out of reach for far too many middle class New Yorkers in recent years,” Lamb said. “Our country’s values and principles have been derailed by a radical, politicized agenda in Washington, and it’s time to help get our country back on track.

“Upstate New York has real challenges that need to be addressed. Our infrastructure is crumbling, our economy is lagging, our schools are getting more and more crowded, our debt is growing, and all the Republican leaders in Congress offer are obstruction and political games. The best way to reduce the debt is to put people back to work.”

Lamb holds a master’s degree in public administration from the Maxwell Graduate School of Public Affairs at Syracuse University and a bachelor of science degree from Ithaca College. He is also an active board member for several community groups and nonprofits.

More information about Lamb’s campaign can be found at DanLambforCongress.com. The campaign has also established a Facebook page at facebook.com/DanLambforCongress.

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One thought on “Lamb Announces Run for Newly Created 22nd Congressional District”
  1. Haven’t the Democrats done enough damage during Obamas term to our Nation, by supporting his giant increases in spending, giveaways and Obamacare? We don’t need Dan Lamb in Congress to help continue those kind of wreckless policies that are bankrupting America. I don’t want our children and grandchildren to owe any more Trillions of dollars than they do already.

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