(Hamilton, NY – May 2012) Jubilation women’s vocal ensemble will be offering a concert on Sunday May 6 at 3 p.m. at the Park United Methodist Church in Hamilton. The concert is called “Sugar and Spice: The Versatile Voices of Jubilation.”

But what is Jubilation?  The ensemble includes:

*A diverse group of women*, spanning six decades;

*A wide range of voices, from high soprano to baritone;

*An unexpected world of beautiful, humorous, sacred, and sometimes strange music, sung in varied languages;

*Accompaniment by a variety of instruments, as well as much a cappella music;

*A gifted and spiritually perceptive director, Jeanne Smith, who also composes original choral works;

These ingredients have been mixing and steeping for five years now, in the music of Jubilation.

Jubilation concerts range in tone from holiness (including Latin church music set to contemporary arrangements) to sassiness (including a surprising number of eastern European and Scandinavian folk songs about finding rich husbands!)  The many fans in the audience who make a point of clearing their calendars twice a year for this experience find they leave with newly opened ears:  ready to listen to familiar and unfamiliar music with eagerness and happy hearts.

Jubilation takes its community responsibilities seriously: a significant portion of the proceeds from the nine public concerts so far have gone to a variety of good causes, both local and international.

A portion of the ticket receipts this season will be given to Heritage Farm, a day-habilitation program for adults with developmental disabilities.  (Tickets for adults are $8; for children, $4; with a maximum cost of $25 for a whole family).



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