Know the Signs of Alcohol, Drug Use

Town Hall meeting held to educate public

(Oneida, NY – May 2012) Madison County’s Promise recently held a Town Hall Meeting entitled “This is Here.” The meeting, which featured speakers Gary Bulinski of the Traffic Safety Research Inc., and Investigator Mike Burgess of the Oneida City Police department focused on the signs, symptoms and use of synthetic drugs like, Spice, K2, Bath Salts and Meth.

Bulinski spoke to attendees about the different drug categories and signs of impairment for each category. He passed around visual aids to the audience so that they would be able to tell what packaging may look like for the synthetic drugs, as well as paraphernalia used for ingesting the drugs.

Bulinkski also discussed alcohol impairment and prevention techniques that could be used with youth.

Burgess presented on the recent Meth busts in Madison County. He brought photographs of some “shake and bake” meth labs; these “shake and bake” labs are what law enforcement officials are seeing the most in Madison County.

Burgess instructed participants to call their local police department if they come across any suspicious trash on the side of the road or on their property, be extremely cautious of any soda bottles with tubing. Do not attempt to open the bottle, or transport it anywhere. The chemicals in the bottle can cause burns to your lungs, skin and can be highly flammable.

The Town Hall Meeting was sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the Drug Free Task Force of Madison County’s Promise. Refreshments were donated by Chobani and Morrisville State College. The venue for the event was donated by the Madison Cortland ARC located on Lenox Avenue in Oneida.

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