(New Woodstock, NY) The very active New Woodstock 4-H Club recently met with a group of women from the New Woodstock American Legion Auxiliary Unit Number 1572. Barbara Cook, Judy Davenport and Beverly Slocum told the boys and girls about the beginnings of the Legion Auxiliary.

The club members also learned about the meaning behind the Poppy and how it became an international symbol of remembrance during World War I. It was the inspiration and dedication of two women who promoted this same “Memorial Flower” as the means by which funds could be raised to support those in need of help, most especially servicemen and civilians suffering from physical and mental hardship as a result of war.

Barbara Cook read the poem “In Flanders Fields,” then children were asked to create a poster to help everyone remember the importance of the poppy, especially with Memorial Day coming soon. The boys and girls got right to work and drew pictures of the poppy and included other symbols such as crosses and the Star of David.

The finished posters were turned in two weeks later. They were all very creative and unique. Following are the winners of the contest:

Age Group 9 to 11 years old: First place – Terry Omans; second place – Abby Simiele; and third place, James Simiele.

Age Group 13 to 14 years old: First place – Elizabeth Simiele; second place – Emma Murphy; and third place, Katherine Simiele.

The posters are hung around the New Woodstock and Cazenovia area. If you see a poster, take a moment to remember what the poppy stands for.

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