By Martha E. Conway

(Chittenango, NY – May 22, 2012) Chittenango Village Administrator Bob Freunscht reported that sales tax receipts are up more than $16,000 for the past 12 months over the same period ending in 2011. He said that figure was up $90,000 over the fiscal year ending 2010.

According to Freunscht, the village received $647,716.

“The fund balance is in very good shape,” Freunscht said. “It looks like it may have grown this year by a little bit.”

Freunscht said May is ‘Oz-Ready Month,’ explaining that preparations for the event are about completed and things like settling pavers have been lifted and re-set to eliminate trip-and-fall hazards. He said crosswalks are scheduled to be painted on South Webber between the trailheads, Lake Street between the trailhead and Sullivan Park and Russell Street between the sidewalk and trailhead. Stickles Park will be used in this year’s festivities, also, he said, as the village Department of Public Works arranged to have power run there.

Chief Jeffrey Paul added that new police cruisers will be decaled, equipped and pressed into service by Oz-Stravaganza Weekend.

Paul asked the Village Board of Trustees to sponsor Andrew Martin for the Solvay Part 2 Police Academy. The board unanimously approved the request, which includes part-time field training for her at minimum wage with the Chittenango Village Police Department while she completes her schooling.

According to Paul, Martin will bear all costs for the six-week academy, which will include training in firearms, baton, LADAR, RADAR and Taser use. She is a graduate of the Cazenovia College part-one program.

Drawings have been rendered for the planned arboretum on the Dyke Road property donated to and managed by the Chittenango Lions Club. Project planners hope to get estimates for the project this week.

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