Justice Armstrong teaches about sugared drinks at the National 4-H Center.

Cornell Cooperative Extension News

(Madison County) “Madison County teens have a great 

opportunity to participate in a 4-H nutrition and fitness education program called ‘Choose Health: Food, Fun and Fitness,’” said Peg Lewis, educator, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Madison County.

Choose Health Action Teens get training in nutrition and active living, then use those skills to teach healthy habits to younger children.

The hands-on, interactive program is designed to teach children about the importance of healthy eating and active play in their daily lives. Madison County 4-H, in collaboration with the Madison County Children’s Camp and United Healthcare, will offer this exciting program to children at the Madison County Children’s Camp for two weeks in July.

“‘Choose Health’ came out of a concern that many children have habits that could lead to overweight and chronic disease either in childhood or as they become adults,” Lewis said. “We want all kids to learn healthier habits, and have fun doing so.”

The hands-on lessons include opportunities for children to measure the amount of sugar in soda and other popular drinks, explore ways to eat more vegetables and fruits, learn to use nutrition facts labels to determine sugar and fat content in foods, as well as to choose more whole-grain and high-fiber foods, see the amount of fat in fast food meals and plan ways to start their days with a healthy breakfast.

Active games and healthy snacks are part of every lesson, as is a family newsletter with recipes and ideas to help families be active.

Choose Health Action Teens will gain leadership and teaching skills, as well as have fun with other teens from around the county. They will lead active games with kids, along with making and eating healthy snacks with kids.

For more information about becoming a Choose Health Action Teen or about the Choose Health: Food, Fun, and Fitness program, call Lewis at (315) 684-3001.

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