By Sharon Driscoll

(Town of Lincoln, NY) The Madison County Department of Solid Waste continues to promote green energy. The most recent additions to the energy conservation efforts at the Buyea Road Landfill site were the installation of two small solar panels that power the flashing amber traffic lights on either side of the landfill entrance.

The two solar powered flashing lights are estimated to save the County upwards of $700 a year in electrical costs, according to Director James Zecca.

The tiny solar panels are mounted on polls and operate the traffic flasher system on Buyea Rd.  The flashing amber lights are a reminder to those approaching the Buyea Road landfill site from the north and south that they need to slow down as they are approaching a heavily traveled area.  Commercial trash trucks; recycling trucks and heavy equipment are constantly entering and exiting the landfill site.

According to SEPCO, the solar electric power assemblies have proven themselves as the most rugged and robust design in thousands of installations worldwide since their introduction in 1994. SEPCO systems surpass all codes, compliances and quality controls.

Sharon Driscoll is the Recycling Coordinator for the Madison County Department of Solid Waste & Sanitation.

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