To the Editor:

(Hamilton, NY – June 2012) A year ago, I wrote a letter supporting Sam Cooper for his first attempt to become a village trustee. I wrote that his work in four out-of-town school districts was the reason why he had limited involvement in local activities. I described how his responsibilities for operating large school budgets, for being an educational leader, and for overseeing hundreds of employees had prepared him to hit the ground running.

I believed those successful experiences from his work were transferable.

Today, I can write that Sam successfully made that transition. He is a valuable contributor to the village board. For the past 10 months he served as the board liaison to the fire department, police department, campus security office, village court and the Pedestrian Safety Committee.

Mayor Margaret Miller asked Sam to represent the village on the Madison County BRiDGES Program on drug and alcohol abuse. Miller also appointed Sam and Trustee Deb Kliman to work with the town to build a shared website. The website will be an asset for improving communications between residents and local government.

When he realized how many residents complained about the noises from gatherings at night, Sam took it upon himself to author a sound ordinance to address those complaints.

When Sam saw the need to improve pedestrian safety and handicapped accessibility, he mapped out existing regulations that have been presented to the board for review; he met with the Colgate University environmental studies class to share his vision so Colgate students can study and share recommendations for better walkability in the village, bike travel, and better meet transportation needs for senior citizens.

Ask just about anyone knowledgeable on village doings and you will learn that Sam is making a major contribution, well beyond what you would expect of a first-year trustee.

In addition to his liaison assignments, Miller appointed Sam to serve on the Five-Way Intersection Committee. When the mayor sought to modify the ban on all-night parking for Colgate commencement and reunion, Sam stepped forward to draft a proposal for the board’s consideration.

We need to return Sam to office to finish what he has started. We need his commitment and determination to build Hamilton.

I urge you to vote for Sam Cooper, independent candidate for village trustee.

William Penoyer, Hamilton

By martha

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