Supports Lura, Servedio and Pangallo for Hamilton Village Board

To the Editor and Village of Hamilton Voter:

(Hamilton, NY – June 2012) A great deal of effort each year goes into finding good candidates that we can convince to run for the Village Board in Hamilton.  People love Hamilton, but also know that local government has become more and more challenging. This year three highly qualified candidates for the three trustee openings were convinced to run: Russell Lura, Jennifer Servedio and Dominick Pangallo.

Russ Lura, an unaffiliated or independent voter, brings experienced expertise to the issues facing local governments.  His success as a county administrator as well as his long awareness of issues such as economic development, planning, and zoning in Hamilton itself– suggest that it would be foolhardy for Hamilton not to return him to office.

Jen Servedio has proven her dedication to community service and brings, in addition, special modern skills in information technology.  While the Board might well have used her expertise this past year in setting up the new village website, at least she would be present in the future to monitor and advise the technological tools that, nowadays, have become essential.  Her energetic leadership skills have been proven both in her professional success and in serving as president of the Lions Club, a service organization, more than once.

Dominick Pangallo’s training and interests have led him already to play central roles in our community.  He represents on the Board not only professional expertise in government, but also those who are raising young children in Hamilton.

These three candidates are networked with a variety of groups within our community. The Board of Trustees is the policy-making body of the village.  With these three, a widened number of citizens will be represented as decisions are made.

I urge you to vote for Russ Lura, Jen Servedio, and Dominick Pangallo on either the Democratic or Community Party lines on June 19.

Wanda Warren Berry






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