Installers Selected for Solarize Madison County

(Wampsville, NY – June 2012) Solarize Madison announced the selection of its two installers for its Solarize program, a grassroots effort to help homeowners to overcome the logistical hurdles of going solar and to grow Madison Counties renewable energy workforce.

The local installers selected are Arista Power, Inc., a Rochester-based developer, manufacturer, and supplier of custom-designed power management systems, renewable energy storage systems, wind turbines, and a supplier and designer of solar energy systems.

Arista Power will be installing systems directly owned by solar purchasers within the county.

ETM Solar Works, a solar installer in New York and Pennsylvania, based in Endicott was selected as the installer for customers that are interested in leasing a solar system.

Arista Power and ETM Solar Works will be working collaboratively with community volunteers and supporters to educate interested parties, complete site evaluations, and guide customers through purchasing decisions.

Through Solarize Madison, participants can expect the process to install solar to be streamlined and for the cost to be significantly reduced as the program is based on volume purchasing: the more who participate to install a solar energy system through the program, the larger the cost savings for all participants.

“Solarize Madison is an option for residents of the county, and they can certainly work with other installers if they want to install solar not within the Solarize Madison program.  The Solarize Madison program offers cost savings through volume purchasing and a streamlined installation process,” said Scott Ingmire, Director of Madison County Planning Department.

Solarize Madison was initiated by the Madison County Planning Department and the Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board with support from the Renewable Energy Training Center at Morrisville State College with the goal of bringing lower cost solar energy to Madison County.  The Solarize Madison program is receiving additional funding via a grant by the Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board for the Climate Change Innovation Program (C2IP) that provides Madison County with up to $30,000 to promote the use of energy conservation measures and alternative energy development aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.    The Madison County Planning Department is offering fifteen $2,000 grants to homeowners to help offset the acquisition costs associated with installing a direct-own solar photovoltaic system in addition to the reduced price achieved through the volume purchasing

Interested participants must pledge by Sept. 30 to install a system.  A large component to the success of the program is based upon participation rate.  The more systems installed, the larger the cost savings.  In addition to a marketing campaign spearheaded by the installers and project managers, participants are encouraged to spread the word about the program and become ‘Solar Ambassadors.’ Participants will be required to fill out a participation agreement and close of the program survey.

Enrollment opened June 15. Pending successful site evaluations by, total project capacity should be attained by the end of October 2012.  The program is open to all Madison County home and business owners, farmers, institutions, and municipalities on a first come first serve basis for a limited time.

Interested parties should visit the Solarize Madison website at for more information.  Solarize is a registered servicemark in New York State, visit for more information about solarizing your New York community.

Upcoming Q&A sessions for the program have been scheduled as a chance to ask questions and meet the two installers.  The Q&A sessions are being held around Madison County at the following times and locations:

*June 21: Thursday– Hamilton: Hamilton High School (LGI Room).  7-9pm

*June 25: Monday– Oneida: Oneida Public Library, 220 Broad Street.  6-8pm

*June 27: Wednesday – Morrisville: Cornell Cooperative Extension, 100 Eaton St. 7-9pm

*June 28: Thursday – DeRuyter: DeRuyter Public Library, 803 Utica Street.  7-9pm




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