Republican District 22 Congressional Primary: Truth Matters

To the Editor:

Just got another nice color card in the mail from Richard Hanna, campaigning to keep his job in Congress. But Hanna’s disgraceful voting record doesn’t nearly match what his card and recent advertising boasts.

I quote: “A fiscal conservative fighting to cut spending and reduce debt”  and “Cutting Wasteful Spending: Richard helped cut spending by almost $1 Trillion because he knows each dollar Washington spends is a dollar taken from an American taxpayer or borrowed from a country like China.”

Then, he says he “voted for a Balanced Budget Amendment…”  Well, how could that be when his record clearly shows he voted to INCREASE spending and RAISE the Debt Limit three (3) times since taking office?  Does that look like he’s fighting for us?  Not to me.  Actions speak a lot louder than words.

Worse yet, Hanna recently voted ‘yes’ on ‘NDAA’  that safe sounding yet very deceptive  ‘National Defense  Authorization Act’ the evil UNconstitutional Obama scheme to take away your constitutional rights against illegal search, seizure and imprisonment. This, friends, gave your ‘commander in chief’ the capacity to declare you a “terrorist.” And if he does that, that’s it, your RIGHTS are g.o.n.e.   Another chink out of your wall of Freedom and Liberty. Another step on the path to totalitarian rule; disagree with the ‘leader,’ go to jail. That’s the stuff of third world countries folks, not America.   And Hanna voted ‘FOR’  it.

Sure looks to me that Hanna’s claims and promises are nothing but hot air.

June 26 is the very important Republican Primary. Do you want a CON-gressman, or a congressman?  I know who I support, a citizen, a father of 12, and an honest man who’s NOT a politician; Michael Kicinski.  We’ve got enough “Politicians” in Washington, what we need are honest people to restore America.

Douglas Anderson

Bainbridge, NY 

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