Karing Kitchen to Continue Work

To the Editor:

(Oneida, NY) With the Salvation Army closing its physical doors, many have been worried about how this will affect the program of  Karing Kitchen (Oneida’s soup kitchen).  Karing Kitchen was created more than 20 years ago in response to the call from the Oneida Area Council of Churches, realizing that there was – and still is – the need of food assistance in our community, especially the end of the month.

We are thankful that, at the time Karing Kitchen was started, the Salvation Army (a member of OACC) offered to be utilized as the lead agency and provide their building facilities needed to run a soup kitchen especially as it was centrally located in Oneida.  OACC understands these poor economic times are trying for anyone’s budget, and our prayers are with the congregation and Captain Sue Ramsay as the Salvation Army closes its church doors and realigns its services to the community.

Karing Kitchen will continue as normal, operating the last full working week of the month at the Oneida Recreation Department (its current location) until further notice.  The First United Methodist Church   (a member of OACC) will now be utilized as the lead agency for Karing Kitchen. There will be no changes to Karing Kitchen, as the program has always relied on the services of volunteers, including the coordinator, to run it operations. I will still coordinate the program and all of the current churches, civic organizations and individuals look forward to continuing this much-needed service in our community.

Karing Kitchen is funded 100 percent through grants and donations from the community.  Donations can be mailed to Karing Kitchen, c/o First United Methodist Church, 116 W. Grove St. Oneida, N.Y. 13421, or dropped off during the week of operation.

Any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Melissa King, Karing Kitchen Coordinator, Oneida

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