To the Editor:

(Chittenango, NY – June 2012) Would a non-gender clan mother status harm the Iroquois ‘Great Law of Peace?’ Of the eastern Woodland Natives of Turtle Island – the Haudenosaunee – I ask you, Can a Clan Mother be a male – a man? Or their Chief be a woman – female?

Obviously, the answer is ‘no.’

Now imagine the government coming and saying that now you have to choose men as your Clan Mothers and choose females as your chiefs? Would you agree to this? Would the PeaceMaker accept this? Obviously, no.

“PeaceMaker created …position of Clan Mother as an extension of Natural Law” [words of Doug George Kanentiio (Oneida Indian) husband of Joanne Shenandoah] And so it is the same with ‘natural marriage’; a marriage celebrates the union of Mother Earth and Father Sky.

A same-sex union is only a partnership, it is not a marriage. Please stand for our Mother Earth and Father Sky as the only marriage and domestic partnerships for LGBT civil unions. Defend DOMA – the Defense of Marriage Act – by calling your federal representatives to say ‘no’ to the ‘Respect for Marriage Act.’

And in the words of Chief Oren Lyons: “Mother Earth, and Natural Law, the ultimate authority regarding life on earth,” signed the Monk of Athena at Wisdoms Hearth.

Thomas P. Vecchio, Chittenango

By martha

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