To the Editor:

(Hamilton, NY – July 2012) Thank you to all who made this year’s Fourth of July festivities such a success, especially the parade.

Gary Weeks, Ray Meeks, John Douchinsky, Vinne Faraone, Ken Belanger, David Craine and Rich Cohen, your assistance in the staging area at the airpark helped things flow from the beginning to riding the bus to show the driver where the detours are.  Thank you for being up so bright and early and assisting our participants from the start.

Andy Migonis, Ryan Cymmerman, Henry O’Connell, Courtney Vernon, Sue McVaugh, Ahmad Khazaee, Bob McVaugh and Chuck Fox, your assistance in getting the judges stand together and then dismantled is truly appreciated.  Thank you for working behind the scenes to get things organized for us.

Jon Armstrong, Sami Martinez, and Dan Rains, your efforts ahead of the parade and then during the parade assisted us in recognizing the tremendous efforts that went into the incredible floats that we had this year.  Thank you for judging!

Emily Powrie, your rendition of the national anthem started the event off on the right note.  Frank Bianchi, thanks for stepping in at the last moment to announce the parade for us.  Thank you both for helping us this year.

Patti Cook Blocklin, Debbie Langman, Terrie Ammon and the Colgate volunteer crew, your work with the vendors and those that participated in the market in the village green is appreciated.  Thank you for getting up so early and being out there to meet and greet the numerous participants.

Jeff Manwaring, Chris Warren, Christian Michael Clough, Doug Keith, Putter Cox, and Reyna Stagnaro, your assistance in helping us to find those with musical abilities truly helped make the special sounds of the day.  Thank you to each of you for adding so much to this year’s festivities.

Terry Murphy, Carolyn Godfrey, Mike Jaquays, Linda Wimmer and Dave Hollis, your participation provided coverage and helped get the word out about what was going on in Hamilton.  Thank you for your assistance with the media and capturing numerous unique moments that day.

To our new parade participants and to those that have been involved for years, we can’t have a parade without groups being involved.  Thank you for taking the time out of your day to provide enjoyment for our community members.  Start planning on being involved in next year’s parade now!

Thank you to the village workers who were out there early in the morning marking off the parade route, to picking up garbage, to standing along the parade route to help keep things in order, your assistance helped us have a great event.  Thank you for doing the job that you do in our community.

And to those of you that lined the parade route, thank you for being there to help celebrate our nation’s birth.  You can’t have a parade without a crowd.  Thank you for braving the elements and cheering the participants on from the start to the finish.

It is because of all of these people that Hamilton comes alive on the Fourth, each person doing their part to make this the special community that it is.

Linda Gorton


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